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April 30


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police lights red blue pictures, backgrounds and images

We as a group administration are not responsible for any harassment you made on members. Any member get caught for causing drama will be permanently banned from our group. If you have a problem with the group, a member, how we run it, or you are on the list and want to know why, send us a NOTE.

This count for all members/non-members.
Commenting on the front page may cause unwanted attention/harassment.

I got tired of editing/deleting this blog because of idiots who come on our page to spam us with message I didn't steal it. When yet, they did. :facepalm:

Oh boy, last time when I did update of thief list was on 13 March 2013. :o I think it was about time to make new policy violator list of all thieves to report. :plotting:

Moderators of Fight4Justice community:
ShifyInfinity, Luke-The-Spook, Lustmove-The-Hero, TOYOTA--IQ,milovanf
They will be higher to update this journal with cases of stealing.
:star: NOTE TO EVERYONE: :star:
:star:List of Thieves:star:
This list will be updated regularly as reports come in. Again, be aware that it may not be accurate at times, so try to rely on the reports that are posted on the front page.
Check the list before reporting new thieves.
:iconexclamationmarkplz:We're now open for old cases and violation reports, if you have old case of Copyright violation send us your report on the front page or over via Note if also possible, with evidence and we will added on this list here:
TOS VIOLATORS Session 2! Old criminal cases
:star: THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED! :star:
:bulletred: = Steals people work and claiming it as own
:bulletyellow: = Under suspicious
:bulletblue: = Caught for stealing/has or being reported.
:bulletblack: = Works are questionable.
:bulletgreen: = No longer stealing and trolling.
:bulletpurple: = Deactivate himself to avoid banishing of his account for stealing.
:target:= Banned with stolen art
:bulletred: = Troll
:bulletblue: = Underage
:bulletred: = Spammer
:bulletgreen: = Racist
:bulletblack: = Hacker
:bulletpurple: = Pedophile
:bulletred: = Retracer
:bulletgreen: = Editor/All kind of them
:bulletyellow: = Screenshot editor
:target: = Erotica artist
:groups: Groups that promote violation images:
Edits, screenshots, underage, retraced art, trolls, spammers, hackers, erotica/rule34, pedophiles, cyberbullies, base thieves etc.
:bulletred: = Base thief
:bulletpink: = Ban evading
:bulletyellow: = Ban suspension
:bulletred: = Latina Editor
:bulletred: = Screenshoter

:bulletred:MinecraftManic [DEACTIVATED!] :lmao:
1 stolen art he hold in his gallery.
Violation image[s]:…
Possible thief.
Posting stolen art from Chinese artist Seuga
Violation image[s]:
Troll, block evader
The kid like to block and mark comment as spam on anyone who don't kiss his small but. He also like to make callout journals on people who block him. He got suspended for causing drama and his sock-puppet got terminated for trying to evade his suspension. :lol:
Unbelievable, every time, when somebody block him he cause more drama then it's necessary. :no: Even after 1 months of suspension he got, he still haven't learn his lesson well.:disbelief:
Butthurt journal:…
Troll/Art thief/Whiteknight/Sprite recolorist, possible underage.
Violation images:…
The kid like to whiteknight every thief and block anyone who don't kiss his but. :lol: If you tell him he's a thief or add one of his thief/friend on your black list, he will call you a troll and a nerd.

NOTE: Best thing would be is not argue with him, because he don't understand the Copyrights law well, my advice for you is to report him silently.:shh:
Interesting conversation: :popcorn:…
:bulletblue:bluewolfy2233 [BANNED!] :banned:
Posting vulgar comments on peoples profile.
Violation comment[s]:…………
Don't know is it just a fail troll or love to get himself banned for posting vulgar comment[s]. :iconretardedplz:
:bulletred: Lainey01
Art thief
WARNING: Sells stolen work for profit!
Violation image[s]:
Art thief.
Violation image[s]:…
His butthurt excuse:
Deletedum yeah...i deleted them and stuff
:bulletred:JANFRESCO [BANNED] :banned: Recently joined on DeviantArt and is now uploading and claiming other people’s MLP art as his own and refuses to take them down.
Violation image[s]:…
He claims he is only “showing the art” when it’s obvious he is stealing them, claiming them as his own and even saying on his profile and recent stolen art he uploads that “his” art “had been made in the past few years” which is complete and utter BS.
His excuse for his thievery --…
And his defiance to take down the stolen art -…

Art thief
Lot's of stolen images she hold in her gallery. No giving credits to original owners. Some of them contain pieces with ripper watermark on.
Violation image[s]:
:thumb450582884:thCA3YKW3W by Dragongirl8092thCAWU5PQE by Dragongirl8092
Wolf - Comfort by Firewolf-AnimeBuck Deer by Dragoart

NOTE: Ask her to take her art down and she will flag your comment as spam and possibly block you with block'n'reply maneuver. If you don't want to get this treatment, report her silently. :shh:
Major thief, high alert
Entire gallery stolen, usually from Pixiv and uses stupid emoticons for titles - if that's not stolen, I don't know what is... :I
Will hide comments to hide the fact they are major art thief
150+ deviations stolen
Violation images:
Deep Sea by iiL0SEY
Many, many more to come!
Is another thief - mainly Bioshock Infinite fan art!
Stolen: <Uploaded a day ago
Original: <uploaded 14.01.04
Stolen: <Uploaded a day ago
Original:… <uploaded 04.10.13
Stolen: <Uploaded two days ago
Original:… <Click file info to see it was uploaded 20.03.12

This coward hides your comments when you call him out on his page.
Tattoo tracer/thief
Violation images:
Caliga Raven tattoo by RavenSilverclawAmbereye Wolf Tattoo Commish by WildSpiritWolf
Fail tracer/art thief.
Poorly traced original image. He didn't give a try to make pose look different.
Violation image[s]:…
On some apparent reasons, original artist got suspended. :o
Child pornographic artist.
Lots of images contain child pornography.
Violation image[s]:
Gallery is filled with recolored sprites and shitty screenshots from video game characters.
Violation image[s]:
Gallery filled with shitty recolors, no credits, no permission from original owner to retrace original work.
Violation image[s]:
:bulletred:laserboy600 [TEMPORALLY SUSPENDED!]
Art thief/Editor/Underage member.
Gallery full of awful edits from original owners.
Violation image[s]:……………
Possible troll/art thief
Violation image[s]:
Art thief
Confess for stealing peoples art and claim it as own. Same thing goes for avatars.
Violation image[s]:
Pokemon thief.
Apparently thinks this site is Photobucket. May post more stolen art soon -
Violation image[s]:
Art thief.
Violation image[s]:…
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SpaceHeatBear Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
wow thanks for telling so
just check my latest journal…
TOYOTA--IQ Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
:icondarkstarlight2:WHIT HIS STUPID OC POKEMON,LYING AND HIS STUPID DRAMA!!!! :iconbensonragefaceplz:
NicoTheSerperior Featured By Owner May 6, 2014
Thank you.
Also, DarkStarLight will try to Remove the journal.
milovanf Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I would really love to see that. :popcorn:
Aegis-Cruiser Featured By Owner May 2, 2014
Hey, a few years back I was on my campus and I saw someone had done this amazing marker drawings of dragons... I got pictures and asked around for info but no one would take credit for them so I eventually did my own sketches on paper... If I put a legal disclaimer on it its not stealing right? I know I would never be capable of something so amazing.
BrandenT9000 Featured By Owner May 2, 2014
yea only 90% of us are not stealing. Your just an idiot
HYPERTiZ Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Student General Artist
^ So let me put this in perspective.

Im gonna take your design of your avatar and 'colour' it and im definetly not stealing it. Period. That's what people are seeing at the moment..
Streled Featured By Owner May 3, 2014   Traditional Artist
Says the one who keep stealing and recoloring sprites from Sonic Advance's games...
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